Email Marketing Best Practices For DF16 And Beyond

Email Campaign Best Practices

Get connected to customers who have shown interest in the products or services you offer. If your business has no upside holiday sales potential whatsoever, you could consider dialing back your email frequency during the last two months of the year, or re-allocating resources toward an enhanced program with higher frequency at other times of the year.

Part of your email marketing strategy should be the inclusion of mobile device display, and this can be done in 3 ways ranging from changing the HTML email presentation to become more device friendly right through to what we know as responsive email design, each having their own merits, but all coming with huge benefits – increased visibility and engagement.

If you’re like 39% of marketers out there, you likely don’t have a strategy for mobile email, according to the 2016 Email Marketing Industry Census There are already a ton of helpful tips on how to make your HTML email responsive , but if you’re using a software such as Mailchimp , Constant Contact , GetResponse , or any of the other user-friendly non-HTML email design software , you’ll want to be sure that you’re testing the emails on a phone and on a computer.

With email marketing, it becomes incredibly easy to see what graphics, headlines, offers and even colors your users and customers will respond to. It’s incredibly simple to simply send one version of an email to one part of your list and a second version of an email to a different part of your email list.

You cannot amass a list of random email addresses and enter them into an auto-responder list like GetResponse or HubSpot because not only is this against most auto-responders’ terms of service, but individuals who do not choose to opt into the e-mail list can claim spamming, and that is actually illegal.

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